Thanks for visiting my website. Fig Tree Photography is a Philadelphia based photography company serving (but not limited to) the Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware areas. My primary focuses are on wedding photography, dance and theater photography, and photojournalism (mainly food and drink, do what you love I say!).

So, a little about me. I grew up in a quaint (i.e. hick) little town in western Nevada, where I first started taking photographs. I then nipped off to college in Northern California and subsequently headed to Philadelphia to work with a local modern dance company. After several years working in the dance world, my interests began turning back to the world of photography I had fallen in love with several years before. Over the next several years I worked tirelessly (OK, so it was a bit tiresome) to learn the ins and outs of not only the art and technique of photography but also of the changing photography industry, which at the time was really the beginning of the digital revolution. Having been immersed in various forms of performing and visual arts over the years, my style and eye for photography is one of uncompromising taste and current fashions. These experiences have definitely shaped me and continue to influence the way I approach my work. (Also, I love and probably way overuse parentheses when trying to be witty)

I've had the good fortune since beginning my career as a professional photographer to travel and work in a number of wonderful places and with an even greater number of wonderful people. These ever varying experiences are what I look forward to most about my work, and what keeps me excited every time I shoot. Seriously, I LOVE what I do. For a bit more specific information on how I do what I do (see definition of F.A.Q.), please read this